February 24, 2022

Introduction – 5 questions for our new team member Lea

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Another young colleague, Lea , joined the AURICON team at the beginning of the year and has been supporting us ever since. Before that, the 26-year-old from Cologne worked in audit at KPMG. You can find out here what brought her to AURICON, why she chose AURICON and why she would recommend AURICON as an employer:

Lea, you’ve been on our team since the beginning of the year. You started your career at KPMG. Where did the desire for something new come from and how did you come to AURICON?

Overall, I worked in auditing at KPMG for three years. I was able to learn a lot there and I am very grateful for that. Nevertheless, over time the work in the field of auditing became too routine for me personally and I was looking for new challenges that consulting with its wide range of tasks can offer.

The decisive factor for the change was the fact that during the examinations I noticed more and more what was not going smoothly in the mandates and in which areas structures and processes could be optimized. Especially when you leave the customer after an inspection only to find out a year later during the next inspection that nothing has changed, I always wanted to support the customer in exactly these processes. In those moments, I would have liked to have been an auditor and consultant at the same time, so that I could have a positive effect on the companies themselves.

So why did you choose AURICON?

Ultimately, the interview itself was decisive for my decision. The atmosphere was very pleasant, I felt right at home. Although the interview was demanding, I never felt pressured. Through the case study, I was able to get a more precise picture of the possible main areas of activity at AURICON – which increased my interest even more and was, in retrospect, an important criterion for my decision to work for AURICON.

Even if you’ve only been on board with us for a little over a month. What do you particularly like so far?

In addition to the broad and exciting field of activity, it is clearly the open-door policy that is practiced at AURICON every day. No matter how much another colleague has on the table, you can always go to anyone and get support. And that at really all levels, right up to the partners. In fact, I don’t know of any other company with such an honestly practiced open-door policy. In my opinion, that is a clear plus point and also a unique selling point at AURICON.

How would you describe working at AURICON?

In general, I find working at AURICON very appreciative. Everyone pulls together here, acts as a team, and doesn’t have an elbow mentality – as you might expect in a consulting firm. I was accepted as a full team member from day one, which made it much easier for me to get started. All of these are reasons why I would immediately recommend AURICON as an employer.

What is your personal advice to all applicants who want to become part of AURICON?

The desire and readiness for a high level of commitment in relation to technical topics should definitely be given. In the interview, it was important for my counterpart to see to what extent I had dealt with AURICON and could identify with the consultancy and the company. I therefore recommend every applicant to deal intensively with AURICON – you might even write directly to an AURICON team member on LinkedIn.

Thanks for the friendly interview, Lea, and have fun and continued success in our team!

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