For transactions, restructuring or CFO-related advice, we develop the right solutions for you and implement them reliably.

We support medium-sized companies, corporations and investment companies in the areas of transactions, restructuring and advisory as a professional and independent partner on an equal footing. With full commitment, our in-depth know-how, personal closeness and high implementation skills. That's something you can rely on.

We find and implement solutions in special situations.



For the management of companies, transaction and restructuring processes as well as the associated requirements and optimization of the finance department pose major challenges. We have specialized in these complex special situations along the life cycle of companies.
Business transactions and restructuring issues always present companies with major challenges. We specialize in these complex situations during the life cycle of companies and offer you sound and reliable support, either from start to finish, or only on selected stages of the process if requested.
Transactions and restructurings have a great deal of overlap in terms of content. Both require financial and performance analyses and solutions as well as specialist process knowledge which are an integral part of our service portfolio. This is supplemented by our advisory department through which we offer “hands-on” assistance in CFO-related topics such as financial support or integrated corporate planning. Throughout the process, our clients can rely on our expertise, the quality of our services, our personal commitment and our pragmatism. With these tools, we will ensure your success.
Transactions and restructuring are closely related topics and have a large overlap in terms of content: In both special situations, financial and performance-related analyzes and solutions as well as special process knowledge are required. Our service portfolio is supplemented by the advisory area, in which we offer hands-on support for CFO-related topics such as financing support or integrated corporate planning.
Companies that rely on us.

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